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Academic Programs in Public Health and Epidemiology

At the Berlin School of Public Health (BSPH) you can study Public Health and Epidemiology. The BSPH offers various Master's degree programs and Intensive Short Courses:

Master’s degree programs

Intensive Short Courses
The Intensive Short Courses (ISCs) provide an opportunity to strengthen and expand scientific skills in courses up to one week long (language of instruction: English). Further information can be found here.

The Berlin School of Public Health (BSPH) is a collaborative initiative of three universities in Berlin:

The following pages provide information about the Berlin School of Public Health. Find out what makes the BSPH so special!

Emergency measures against the spread of the coronavirus

The Senate Chancellery for Science and Research announced immediate measures against the spread of the coronavirus. This also affects teaching at the BSPH and events:

  • all classroom teaching in the postgraduate master's programs,
  • the Intensive Short Course by Buring/Rist/Miller in March
  • the information event on 17.04.2020,
  • the year-end party on 05.06.2020
  • the BEMC lectures in May and June

are cancelled.

The start of the lecture period in SoSe20 is postponed to 20.4.20. We ask for your understanding.