Application to the Consecutive Master Program in Public Health

The application period for the consecutive master program ist from 1st June until 15th July of each year.

Find out which documents you must submit to be accepted into the consecutive master program in Public Health.

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  • Each year you can apply between 1st June and 15th July for the consecutive master program in Public Health
  • Exclusively electronic applications are accepted
  • The personal interviews take place in early August

Application Process

Please enter your data in the University Information System of Charité (Online-Antrag auf Zulassung). The online form is only available during the application cycle.

Exemplification of the online form of admission:
If your qualifying university certificate is not yet available please select „Zwischenprüfung“. Please request a Transcript of Records with grades from your university. Please enter the date of issuing as the „Prüfungsdatum“ for the Transcrip of records.

The personal interviews take place at the beginning of August.

Application Documents

Please submit the following documents in PDF format via E-mail. Please pay attention to the correct naming format:

a) Qualifying university degree with grades (Filename: Surname_Forename_Certificate). Should a final certificate not be available, an interim report or a Transcript of Records with date of issue is sufficient.

b) Proof of proficiencies from concluded studies to the scope of 10 ECTS (Filename: Surname_Forename_2x10ECTS) in two of the following subject areas:

  • Human Biology
  • Statistics / Biostatistics
  • Politics or Economics
  • Sociology or Social sciences

A university certificate or transcript of records are acceptable proofs of accreditation. The final decision of whether the subject-related content will be accredited falls to the board of examinations. Questions about accreditation of subject-related content can thus not be answered by the student office. We recommend applying regardless wheter or not you believe the fulfil the criteria of acquired proficiencies from your concluded studies.

c) Letter of motivation (File name: Surname_Forename_Motivation)
The letter of motivation must not contain more than 2 DIN A4 pages. Please answer the following questions in your letter of motivation:

  • Why would you like to study Public Health?
  • What is the Public Health relevance to your previous studies?
  • Which contents do you see as an especially important fundaments to the upcoming Public Health master program?
  • Public Health focuses on the health of populations. In which current Public Health challenges do you take special interest?
  • Which field of Public Health would you like to work in the future?
  • How would you describe your strenghts and where do you see yourself contributing to the Public Health master program?

Personal Interview

The personal interviews take place at the beginning of August.
The participation at an interview for the admission into the program is necessary. The motivational letter is the basis of the personal interview.

Allocation of study places

Allocation by waiting time

20% of the available study seats will be allocated according to waiting time. Please send an E-mail to to be considered according to your waiting time.

Allocation by application of hardship case

5% of available study seats are reserved for people who require immediate admission due to unique health-, family-, handicap-specific or social-related reasons. Legal references: §§ 7, 7a BerlHZG; §§ 6, 8 und 15 BerlHZVO; § 6 of the admission statute of the consecutive master program Public Health.

Attach suitable supporting documents as certified copies to your informal application. In any case attach documents (certificates, expert opinions, specialist medical opinion, etc.) which make the circumstances mentioned in the application comprehensible and plausible to a foreign observer. Please bear in mind that we must apply strict standards when assessing and evaluating aplications for hardship cases - in the interest of equal opportunities for all applicants.

In addition to your online application with the necessary documents, the hardship application must be sent by post by 15th July (deadline) to the following address:

CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin
Referat Studienangelegenheiten
Charitéplatz 1
10117 Berlin

Information to the mailbox are available at

Proof of German Proficiency

Applicants who have not obtained their study qualification (A-level or university degree) at a German-speaking institution must prove that they have sufficient German language skills when applying. Please submit by E-Mail (Filename: Surname_Forename_Languageproof).

Further information is available here.