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Intensive Short Courses at the BSPH

Participants in the Intensive Short Courses (ISC) acquire in-depth knowledge with a methodological focus on a specialized topic in public health and epidemiology.

The ISCs are aimed at PhD students and students from public health master's programs and external participants from Germany and abroad and professionals.

Past courses are listed in the archive.


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Intensive Short Courses:

  • are held in cooperation with lecturers from renowned universities and research institutes from Germany and abroad
  • are part of the postgraduate programs offered by the Institute of Public Health at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • usually offered in English
  • award ECTS credits
  • require a performance assessment

Places are allocated according to the date of registration (first come first serve).

Unfortunately we are unable to offer funding assistance. Please contact scholarship opportunities such as DAAD directly to see if they have funding available.

Intensive Short Courses 2024

We are planning exciting Intensive Short Courses for 2024!

  • Malcolm Barrett: Mastering R for Epidemiologic Research - online course, 02 - 08 April 2024
  • Malcolm Barrett: Mastering R for Epidemiologic Research - in-person course, 29 July - 02 August 2024
  • tba: 05 - 09 August 2024

Malcolm Barrett: Mastering R for Epidemiologic Research - April 2024 (online) and August 2024 (in-person)

Advanced Epidemiologic Methods: Mastering R for Epidemiologic Research

The course is for researchers, public health professionals, epidemiologists, and clinicians who want to improve their R coding skills, who want to learn modern tools in the R ecosystem, like the tidyverse and Shiny, or who want to get started writing software in R.

There will be two "Advanced Epidemiologic Methods: Mastering R for Epidemiologic Research" courses this Summer:

  • 02 - 08 April 2024 asynchronous online course (40 virtual seats)
  • 29 July - 02 August 2024 in-person course (40 seats)

Lecturer: Malcolm Barrett, PhD
Malcolm Barrett is a data scientist, epidemiologist and Data Science educator. During his Ph.D., he studied vision loss and quality of life and has since worked in the private sector, including Teladoc Health, Apple and Posit. He develops and contributes to open-source software related to causal inference, reproducible research, R package development, and more.

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