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The Charité Alumni Platform

"Charité Alumni" is the common roof where the Administrative Unit (BASIC) and the registered association, the 'Alumni-Club der Charité e.V.' (PRIME), offer you a wide range of communication channels, networking options and other benefits.

Regardless of whether you are a current student or a former member of staff, professor, lecturer, researcher or guest researcher: Charité Alumni is there to connect you with others!

Become a member of our international network and you too will be able to benefit from these contacts and our targeted programs!

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The target audience

  • Would you like to remain in contact with other alumni and add new and interesting people to your network?
  • Do you feel like it is too soon to sever your ties with Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and that you would rather continue to enjoy the attractive benefits Charité has to offer?
  • Become a member of Charité’s worldwide Alumni Network!
  • Are you currently involved in research at Charité, and would you like to remain in contact with members of the Faculty once the project has ended?
  • Are you a former student of Charité and wondering how your degree course is taught today?

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The offer of the Charité Alumni

The aim of the Alumni Network is to enable you to stay in touch with both current and former colleagues and/or fellow students. Find new ideas and inspiration or share your own experiences with other alumni, staff and students of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

As the motto of the Charité says: We are "Together a whole" the offer of the Charité Alumni Network is directed to all groups of persons of the Charité and its subsidiaries.

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