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Berlin offers a large variety of events for the public health community. Please sign up for our mailing list below to recieve emails about everything going on.

The Berlin School of Public Health hopes to provided interested candidates with relevant information about the academic programs through its annual recruitment and information event, celebrates alumni in the annual BSPH-Award and Graduation Ceremony and posts the date and time of upcoming oral defenses on this page.

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Master's Thesis - Oral Defense

The oral defenses of a master's theses is open to all students and faculty. The thesis topic together with the date and time of the defense are on this page. The oral defense forms the final examination of the post-graduate Master of Science in Epidemiology program.

The oral defense generally lasts 30 minutes. Students present the main content of their research in the first 15 minutes. The presentation is followed by a scientific discussion between the student and the two thesis advisors.

Oral Defense - Post-graduate Master Programs

Postgraduate Program

Thesis Title





Impact of tourism on the SARS-CoV-2 infection dynamics in North Frisia in 2020



Luisenstr. 57, Seminarraum 1/2


Risk factors of Hydrocephalus and Outcome of Treatment in Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients – Retrospective analysis of surgeries from over 11.5 years (2006 – 2017)



Charité Virchow-Klinikum, Mittelallee 9, Pädiatrische Neurochirurgie


Critical appraisal and systematic analysis of current clinical practice guidelines through a sex- and gender-sensitive lens