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Policy and practice transfer

In order for public health to be able to fulfill its claim of being "science and practice" at the same time, the BSPH must be relevant for practice (at the public health service, in municipalities and settings such as neighborhoods, schools or companies) and for politics (at international, European, national and regional level). The aim is to create a reciprocal science-practice transfer and, on the one hand, to impart knowledge and, on the other hand, to take up questions and practical experiences.

The BSPH Directorate works closely with institutions such as the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), the Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung), the Federal Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer) and the Berlin Medical Association (Berliner Ärztekammer) as well as the health insurance(associations). They sit on advisory boards such as "Healthy - for life" at the BMBF, in the Health Topic Check at the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), on the Advisory Board of the Independent Patient Counseling Service pursuant to § 65b of the German Social Code, Book V, in the Advisory Commission on Health Reporting and Monitoring, on Diabetes Surveillance or the Genetic Diagnostics Commission at the RKI, on the Evaluation Advisory Board, Committee and Steering Committee of gesundheitsziele. de, in committees at the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), the German Association of Self-Help Groups (DAG SHG) or at the Scientific Institute of the AOK.

Through the participation of the BSPH in the annual public health congress "Armut und Gesundheit" (Poverty and Health) with more than 2000 international participants in Berlin, current research findings and expertise are linked to a broad field of public health practice. In addition, the BSPH platform serves as a coordinating and reinforcing network for the other events of the participating institutions, such as the regular Spreestadt Forum at the TU (MiG) or the Berlin Epidemiologic Methods Colloquium (BEMC) of the Charité (IPH), as well as other lecture series and summer schools and intensive short courses.

At the BSPH

Improved translation of research results into prevention, health promotion and health care is achieved via science-practice transfer with relevant stakeholders in the health care system.

In 2021, the members of the Directorate served on the following advisory boards and commissions:

Prof. Dr. Raimund Geene, Alice Salomon University of Applied Science, Department of Health and Education

  • Member, Beratender Arbeitskreis „Gesundheitliche Chancengleichheit“, Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung, Köln
  • Member,, Steuerungskreis, Ausschuss, Evaluationsbeirat (stv. Vors.), AG Kinder, AG Gesundheit rund um die Geburt, UAG Setting Kita und weiterer Gremien der Kooperationsplattform
  • Spokesperson, Arbeitskreis Kind und Familie, Gesundheit Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Member, Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss der Ärzte und Krankenkassen (GBA)
  • Member, Gendiagnostik-Kommission des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit beim Robert Koch-Institut
  • Member, Landesgesundheitskonferenz, Senatsverwaltung für Gesundheit, Pflege und Gleichstellung
  • Member, Beirat Unabhängige Patientenberatung (SGB V § 65b)
  • Member, Robert Koch-Institut, Kommission Gesundheitsberichterstattung und -monitoring
  • Spokesperson, AG Gesundheitsförderung im Kindes- und Jugendalter, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozialmedizin und Prävention (DGSMP)
  • Spokesperson, AG Gesundheit, Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Bildung und Erziehung im Kindesalter (BAG BEK)
  • Member (beratend), Nationale Präventionskonferenz (NPK) (SGB V § 20d)
  • Member, Auswahlbeirat ThemenCheck Medizin, Institut für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen (IQWiG),
  • Member, Begleitkreis zum Forschungsprogramm „Gesund – ein Leben lang“ des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
  • Member, Berliner Beirat für Familienfragen
  • Member, Beirat „Kinderrechte-Index“ des Deutschen Kinderhilfswerks
  • Member des Steuerungskreises „Zukunftsforum Public Health“
  • Member der Arbeitsgruppe “Nicht-pharmazeutische Interventionen” (NPI), Kompetenznetz Public Health COVID-19.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Tobias Kurth, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Director, Institute of Public Health (IPH)

  • Field Chief Editor, der neuen Fachzeitschrift Frontiers in Epidemiology
  • Adviser Berliner Teststrategie, Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Familie & Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berlin
  • Member, Kommission Berliner Teststrategie der Charité
  • Chair, PhD Kommission Health Data Sciences, Charité
  • Member, wissenschaftlicher Beirat, Charité Global Health
  • Member wissenschaftlicher Beirat Gesundheits- und Ernährungsstudie in Deutschland (Gern) Studie
  • Member, Beirat Gesundheitsmonitoring und Berichterstattung, Robert Koch-Institut
  • Chair, Beirat Förderprogramm Gesund ein Leben Lang, BMBF
  • Member, Executive Board, Society for Medical Decision Making Regional Conference,
  • Member, Beirat Zukunftsforum Public Health
  • Member, Society for Epidemiologic Reserach (SER), USA
  • Consulting Methods Editor, British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Busse, TU Berlin, Leader, Health Care Management (MiG)

  • Co-Director, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
  • Editor-in-Chief "Health Policy"
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Board der “Pan-European Commission on Health and Sustainable Development: Rethinking Policy Priorities in the light of Pandemics“ (WHO/Europäische Kommission)
  • Member, European Public Health Conference Executive Board
  • Member, Schlichtungsausschuss Bund nach § 17c Abs. 3 KHG
  • Member, Beirat gemäß § 24 KHG beim BMG zur Evaluation des Covid Krankenhausentlastungsgesetzes
  • Member, Expertenkommission zur Konzeptionierung eines Innovationszentrums Universitätsmedizin Cottbus
  • Member, Wissenschaftsrat-AG „Strukturen und Aufgaben der Universitätsmedizin in der Versorgung“
  • Member, Wissenschaftsrat-AG „Hochschulische Qualifikationen für das Gesundheitssystem – Nachverfolgung“
  • Member, Wissenschaftlicher Beirat Diabetes-Surveillance (beim RKI)
  • Member, Wissenschaftlicher Beirat für Versorgungsforschung beim Zentralinstitut für die Kassenärztliche Versorgung (Zi)

The Round Table Berlin - Health care services for victims of domestic and sexualized violence (RTB)

The Round Table Berlin - Health care services for victims of domestic and sexualized violence (RTB) was founded in 2019 under the initiative of the Berlin Senate Department responsible for Health. In a joint declaration of cooperation, the 29 member organizations of the RTB agreed to implement and strengthen compliance with the WHO guidelines on responding to intimate partner violence and sexual violence among the health care providers in Berlin. The Berlin School of Public Health, represented by Prof. Dr. Dr Hürrem Tezcan-Güntekin, has been an active partner from the start.